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History of BigFoot Valley; The Discovery

           Suddenly, Dr. Jill, our zoologist, saw something splashing in the water. What was it? A little cub? Yes, a cub...and it was in trouble. Jill rushed to the river and dove in, she didnít give it a thought for an instant. The little cub was in trouble; it was about to drown if someone didnít dive in.  The water was deeper and colder than she expected, she gasped and swam hard, the current pulled her down. She struggled to grab the helpless  creature who was holding on to a slippery rock. She scooped it up, then kicked hard, and pushed against a rock. She landed with the animal in her arms, and then she saw for the first time, it wasnít a bear at all. It looked almost like a little human.

           A moment later, we heard a crash in the trees. Branches exploded on the other side of the river, a dark shape came out of the foliage in a shower of pine needles and splinters. It was an enormous creature, when it turned we could see itís massive back muscles rippling like giant snakes beneath its skin. The beast roared and swung a thick branch over its head, it stamped and beat itís arm on its massive shoulders. Instinctively Jill held out the baby, and the beast suddenly went quiet. With one great bound, it came out of the trees, and reaching down, took the baby in its arms and held it gently. Then it raised its hands in a gesture that looked like thumbs up, and just as suddenly, disappeared. 

           This happened five years ago. Since then Jill and the two of us, have gone back to the valley many times and have come to know the creatures. They are surprising, more strange than we ever suspected. There are many kinds, some are small and shy, some have a sense of humor, some are terrible. We are the first humans to make repeated contact with Bigfoot, or Sasquatch as the Indians call them. They have their own language, and can speak.  So far they have only taught us their sign language.

           Years ago, humans drove them away, now they are only seen when they want to be seen. If you were to come to their valley and sit quietly by the river they might appear to you, if you are very lucky-- and can find this place. We have given you some clues. Come explore with us, collect the creatures and learn about about their world. Welcome to Bigfoot Valley.



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